Overstreet Management Services

1. Property Showings
– Prospective tenants will need to contact the office to make appointments for viewings. Showings are scheduled Monday-Friday from 9:30-3:30. Overstreet Properties must have a days notice prior to showing to give current tenants proper notice.

2. Tenant Screening
– Applications can be printed from our website or picked up at our office.
– $50.00 application fee must be paid upon turning in application.

3. Leasing and Security Deposits
– Leases are sent out via DocuSign to sign or can be singed in person at the office during business hours
– Once lease is signed and turned in, the deposit (equal to one months rent) must be paid.

5. Personal contact with Tenants and Parents
– Require contact information
– Update tenants via e-mail or call/text about upcoming events and necessary property information

6. Rent Collections and Evictions
– Collect and record rent for each month
– Require that any rent brought in late will be charged late fees- Our staff will notify tenants who are delinquent
– If rent is not paid along with late fees in month that it is dues, Overstreet Properties will file eviction with the local justice court.

7. Property Maintenance
– Our company will take responsibility for any maintenance requests, these can be submitted online or by phone/email. – If damage is done by tenant, tenant will be responsible for cot of repairs

8. Monitoring Properties
– Management will inspect interior of properties twice a year
– Exterior inspection will be done bi-weekly

Please contact us if you have any questions about our management services.

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